“Understanding of Asho Zarathushtra’s Gathas”

A very kind offer from Mr. Kersee Kabrajee

How many of us know that Gathas, comprising of about 238 stanzas is the only scripture which has come directly from our Asho Zarathushtra’s mouth?

That the subsequent scriptures are composed by others, over the vast period of time, as per their understanding and / or misunderstanding of the religion ?

Gathas are in a very ancient language called Gathic Avesta, similar to old Sanskrit. The rest of the scriptures, composed subsequently by others are in Later Avesta, Pahalavi, Pazand and in Persian.

Whilst some of these later scriptures are in conformity with Gathas, some of them are distortions and corruptions in the name of the religion, mainly due to the vast passage of time and also due to the change of languages, Gathas and their meaning was not directly accessible to these composers.

Subsequent to the development of the science of comparable scripts (philology), in 18 th and 19 th Century, it has become possible to translate Gathas directly from its original renderings and today we have about 20 translations / interpretations available to the student of Gathas to know and understand what our Asho Zarathushtra exactly proclaimed as his religion.

On 27 th/ 28 th June 2009, A Gatha Colloquium was organized in New York in which 12 scholars of Gathas gave their views on different facets of Gathas. I had a good fortune to attend this and also had the opportunity to have my presentation, ‘Understanding Zarathushtra’s Gathas’ whetted by two of the scholars for its correctness.

In Gathas, Zarathushtra details several principles that have made Zoroastrianism the most rational religion in the World and more important, one that is ideally suited to fit the yearnings of the modern man.

This PowerPoint presentation, comprising of about 70 slides takes about 50 minutes excluding Q & A and concludes with a prayer song.

This presentation is a compilation of exact extracts from the books and publications. There is hardly anything that is my own.

As a service to the community and religion, I am offering myself to do this presentation to any group of people (min. about 30 to 40) anywhere in India. A LCD projector and a venue have to be arranged by those interested. I am able to bear my travel and other costs.

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