Acceptance in the Holy Gathas

Given below are two quotes from Zarathushtra’s Gathas—the only scripture that has come from Asho Zarathushtra’s mouth directly. The rest of our religious scriptures are written by his followers over thousands of years, as per their understanding and /or misunderstanding of Zarathushtra’s proclamation.

Come hither to me, in Thine own self, O Mazda!  

Come unmistakably, O Thou best one,

With the spirit of Truth and Good Mind!

Let my message be heard beyond the limits of community adherents.

Let the brilliant offerings of the reverential prayers be manifest to all!

(Ys. 33.7—D.J.Irani)


But that man positively anyonesoever,

Who mastered the true faith by praise and invocation of Vohu Mana,

Can become through Asha, a good companion of Armaiti and with the help

Of them all dwell in Thy kingdom O Ahura.

(Ys.49.5-Bode and Nanavutty—also in 47.6, 44.7,10, 48.12 …etc )

Vohu Mana = good mind, divine intelligence given to human beings
Asha= Truth, Righteousness    Armaity = piety, devotion, zeal