A Letter from Iran

"This grisly situatiation in the Bombay Dockhma is ruinous to the Zoroastrian prestige and threatens the survival of Zoroastrism"

says a letter from various Iranian Anjumans read hereunder

To President and Members World Zoroastrian Organisation

Dear Behdins,

Whereas the p rime aim and purpose for creation of WZO is preservation of Zoroastranism and preparation of Zoroastrian religion in its true spirit as well as t o. intervene and prevent acts and processes contrasting Asho Zarthusht's teachings wherever and whenever committed by Zoroastrians.

You are well aware that since long Zoroastrians worldwide have been burying their deads. But the practice of consigning the dead bodies to Dokhma which is not at all practicle in modern world is persistent in India and Pakistan Because ef vultures long gone the bodies are net consumed, lay untouched for periods, are decompesed, pollute the environment and create health hazards. These are evident in Dokhmas in Bombay, violating the principle of purityof Zoroastranism.

We, Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman and religious organisatiens throughout Iran and the Zoroastrian representative in the Iranian parliament were shocked to. see the horror of Dokhmas in Bombay exhibited in films and pictures via websites. This is a disgrace to the sacred culture ef Zoroastranism and humilates the nature ef' our reality.We Zoroastrians in Iran deem it our paramount duty to draw the attention of WZO to this grisly s i tuation in Bombay Dokhma which is ruinous to the Zoroastrian prestige and threaten the survival of Zoroastranism. We request WZO to intervene and urge the Zoroastrians in India and Pakistan to put an end to this outmoded practice

Of consigning t h e dead bodies to Dokhmas due to irreparable factors and find a suitable way acceptable by modern world.

Your urgent a nd constructive approach to this grisly situation of Dokhmas in Bombay will be much appreciated.

We shall be happy to hear from you on this matter,

Best regards:

On behalf of Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman and religious Org. signed and named in the list attached.
lncl: Pictures of Dokhmas in Bombay 2-Signatory list 3-Copy of Persian
letter signed by Anjumans & others,
CC: 1- Bombay Parsi Punchayet 2-Iranian Zor Anjuman, Bombay J-Hamazor, Pak.



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Letter to WZO confirmed and signed by:

1-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Taft & Tavabe, Tehran. Mr. F. Pour Rustomi-Pres.

2-Zoroastrian Women Organisation, Tehran. Mrs. H. Shahzadi-Member.

3-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Karaj. Mr. R Azarkyvan- Pres.

4-Zoroastrian Students Association, Tehran. Mr. R. Bamasi-Pres.

5-Yaneshvaran Montreh Anjuman, Yazd. Mrs. J. Shahriari-Pres.

6-Zoroastrian Youth Association , Tehran. Dr. P. Ahurai-Pres.

7-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Mariamabad, Yazd. Mr. H.Mali- Treasure.

8-Zoroastrian An j uman of Ghasemabad, Yazd. Mr. K. Mavandadi -Pres.

9-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Ahvaz. Hr. H. Pouladi-Member.

10- Zo:roastrian . Anjuman of YazdMr. S. Firouzfard-Pres.

11- Zoroastrian Anjuman of Kerman. Mr. B. Rustomi-V.- Pres.

12-Tehran Zoroastrian Anjuman. Mr. A. Daneshmand-Pres.

l3-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Shiraz. Mr. A. Sohrabi-Pres.

14-Anjuman Mobedan, Tehran. Dr. A. Khorshidian-Pres.

15-Zoroastrian Anjuman. of Taft and Tavabe, Yazd. Mr. A. Cama-Pres.

l6 -Zoroastrian Anjuman of Allahbad,Yazd. Mr. S. Bastani-Pres.

l7-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Ahrestan, Yazd. Mr. D. Behmardi-Pres.

18-Zoroastrian Youth Association of' Yazd. Mr. H. Namiranian-Pres.

19-Zoroastrian An.iuman of Sharifabad , Tehran. Dr. K. Dabestani-Pres.

20-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Nosratabad. Yazd. Mr. J. Manoucheri-Pres

21-Zoroastrian Anjurnan of Esfahan. Mr. K. Havandadi-Pres.

22-Zoroastrian Anjurnan of' · Khoramshah, Yazd. Mr. A. Babaki-Pres.

23-Zoroastrian Anjuman of Kochebiok, Yazd. Mr. K. Khodaparast-Pres.

24-Zoroastrian Anjuman of' Sharif'abad, Yazd. Mr. G. Belivani-Pres.

25-Zoroastriarr Anjuman of' Rahmatabad,Yazd. Mr. S. Khosraviani-Member.

26-Zoroastrian Anjurnan of Kasnavia, Yazd. Mrs. M. Rustomi-Pres.

27-Zoroastrian Women Comission, Yazd. Mrs. S. Bakhtiari-V.Pres.

28-Z oroas trian A.lljuman of' Mybod, Yazd. Mrs. M. Kiyanian-Member.

29-Nr. K. Kiyani, Author and former president of' Shiraz Anjuman.