The only race that the Zarthushti Philosophy recognizes is the Human Race

The activities of ARZ are inspired by the teachings of the Holy Prophet Asho Zarathushtra.

ARZ’s goal and vision is to disseminate the true Zarthushti philosophy of Good Thoughts (Humata), Good Words (Hukhta) , and Good Deeds (Huvarashta).

This Divine Zarthushti Philosophy is not restricted to the members of a particular race. It is a philosophy for all mankind to imbibe.

This splendid Philosophy and Message is for the elevation and benefit of the entire human race. The only race that the Zarthushti philosophy recognizes is the Human Race.

 However, it is true that certain racist elements amongst the Parsees in India have achieved the bizarre distinction of becoming the Worst Apartheid Preachers In Zoroastrianism. The policy of racial segregation as followed by them is not only a violation of the Human Rights, but is also in direct breach of and in total disregard to the exalted tenets of the marvelous Zarthushti faith. What is being practiced and preached by such persons is downright racism that needs to be condemned by all right minded persons.

As we all know, the number of inter faith marriages are on the rise and will continue to rise further in the years to come. The racists amongst the Parsees in India have worked out a weird formula regarding the religious rights of inter married Parsees and their families:

  • When a Parsi man inter marries, his children ‘qualify’ as Zoroastrians, but the mother who gave birth to these Zoroastrian children does not so ‘qualify’ to be a Zoroastrian, even if she desires to follow the faith.
  • When a Parsi lady inter marries, her children as well as her spouse, do not ‘qualify’ as Zoroastrians, even if they desire to follow the faith.
  • When a Parsi couple, childless or otherwise, adopts a child, the child does not ‘qualify’ as a Zoroastrian.

As if this was not enough, all those of the above ‘not qualifying’ as Zoroastrians according to the racists’ formula are also not ‘qualified’ to be present in any religious ceremony or function, and are constantly ostracized, shunned and rejected.

Highly insulting terms like ‘pure and impure’, ‘legitimate marriage and illegitimate marriage’, ‘legitimate child and illegitimate child’ etc, have been coined are being used by these racists, for the intermarried families, in an effort to justify the racial profiling and discrimination preached by them.

Surely, this needs to be stopped immediately. The great Zarthushti faith considers all humans as equals and there is no scope for racial profiling and discrimination therein. ARZ is in the fore front for striving to assist all inter married Parsees, their families, and all other persons affected by this racial profiling and discrimination. Please feel free to contact us.