Significance of each ROZ and GATHAS


Is the synonym for the creator or the Lord of life and wisdom represented in every particle of existence?  


Denotes the good and loving mind of AHURA MAZDA guiding us to think good, speak good and do good.  


A later form of ASHA VAHISTA can be equated with the highest truth, justice, righteousness, divine law and order, virtue and holiness.  


A later form of KHASHATHRA VARIYA (KHASHATRA meaning power sovereignty, kingdom and VARIYA meaning to choose) prevails upon us to choose AHURA MAZDA’S kingdom and sovereignty of virtue. The YASHTS describes SHAHREVAR as the “Lord of pure metals” (which can be melted but never destroyed) and the most compassionate protector of poor.  


The abbreviated version of SPENTA ARMAITI comes to the aid of those perplexed by doubts and problems helping them to discern the right from the wrong. SPENTA means holy, pure and blessed. ARMAITI stands for intense love and devotion for AHURA MAZDA.



Connotes protection, health, well-being and is the twin of the seventh day AMARDAD.  


Refers to the immortality of the soul. Striving to become perfect and earn blessing. Immortality is the hallmark of all lives.  


Being the eight day, starts the second week where emphasis is on the light and serves as a reminder of HIM who was before the creation of fire i.e. AHURA MAZDA.



Fire is born of AHURA MAZDA and is a manifestation of HIM who is light, life and wisdom bestowing physical energy, intellectual enlightenment and spiritual light.


The spirit of waters is considered one of the most important elements for survival and is supposed to represent the river of life’s purity.  


The resplendent sun can with its swift-horsed radiance purify as also offer warmth and light.  


The moon can influence the growth of vegetation, especially the HOAMA plant, the stem of which is supposed to be filled with juice on full moon night.


Is the abbreviated version of the rain-giving TISHTRIYA STAR, the sighting of which bodies well for the parched land.


Is dedicated to animals, especially domestic animals. since GAOGASPAND stands for cow and her herd and the spirit of GEUSHURVAN is deemed as the protector of animals.  


Being the 15 th day starts the third week, accentuating moral qualities and is again a reminder of HIM who was before the creation of light and mercy i.e. AHURA MAZDA.  


Is associated with light and mercy and is also described as the just judge. Starting propitious (gain the forgiveness or favor of) occasions with the words DADAR HORMAZDNI MEHAR (with the mercy of AHURA MAZDA) and having a small fire temple DARE-MEHAR (the gate of justice or mercy) are indicative of MEHER’S function as cementing principle of universe.


Requires that we pay heed to the inner voice of AHURA MAZDA and be morally vigilant. After death, it is SAROSH who takes charge of the human soul.  


Holds the scales of justice to weigh the soul’s good and evil deeds as it strives to comprehend the truth permeating all nature.


Is the FRAVASHIS or the guardian spirits of all mankind and nature (man, animals and birds) is believed to have its own distinctive FRAVASHI or the divine important spark of light which is indestructible.


Is the angle of victory whence comes the name of ATASH BEHRAM or the FIRE OF VICTORY the triumph of light over darkness. Praying BEHRAM YASHT before a perilous journey or offering a thanks giving prayer to BEHRAM after succeeding in a difficult task are the different ways in which BEHRAM is venerated (profound respect).  


Is the granter of lasting peace. The peace that follows a battle should be used to reconsolidate one’s virtues, courage and joy should be derived from altruism (regard for others as a principle of action).  


Is the beneficent wind which calls for a healthy atmosphere and morally helpful environment conductive to religious growth?


Which is the 23 rd. day begins the fourth week of theological ideas and is again a reminder of HIM who was before the religion i.e. AHURA MAZDA.


Or DAENA VANGHUI is the good religion also conscience, sense of justice the religion version of AHURA MAZDA given to ZARATHUSTRA to reveal to all mankind when trading this religious course, one cannot go wrong.


Is the bestowal of earthy and heavenly blessings or rewards attendant upon a good, moral life? Another name is ASHIVANGHUL – ASHI the good, her father is supposed to be AHURA MAZDA, her mother SPENTA ARMAITI holy devotion, her brothers SAROSH, RASHNA and MEHER and her sister DIN.


Is an embodiment of truth and justice? Radiant rewards can be reaped only sowing truth and justice in one’s daily life.


The sky covering the earth and also the stars and the planets represents the sublime and shining universe.


The beneficent earth where dwell many creatures that need to be protected with love and care.


Or MANTHRA SPENTA are the sacred words of AHURA MAZDA which constitute the foundations of our prayers and the meaning of which should therefore be understood.


Ever-lasting light is the eternal abode of AHURA MAZDA and the higher realms should be the destination of enlightened souls.



Bears the message of self-sacrifice.


Reflects the soul’s spiritual light.


The holy spirit paves the way for the soul’s growth to perfection.


Is the benevolent power that is committed to the loving service of all sentient beings especially human beings.


Assures fulfillment of the MASTER’S mission and of human being’s purpose in life.

Seven days of light …….. Makes life bright

Seven days of prayers ……… Makes life peaceful.