Some Eminent Speakers
Dastoorji Dr. Kersey Antia, Mrs. Dina McIntyre, Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli
Dastoorji Dr. Kersey Antia

A true Scholar of Zoroastrianism, Dr. Kersey Antia is the Zoroastrian High Priest of Chicago, Illinois, a position he has held since 1977.

He attended the M.F. Cama Athornan Institute in Bombay for 9 years where he received an award for excellence, and became an ordained priest at the age of 13.

He studied Avesta and Pahlavi in secondary school and at the University of Bombay . While in college, he received essay-awards from the K.R. Cama Oriental Institute, and has served the community as a volunteer priest ever since his first job as a Tata officer in 1960.

 Dr. Antia obtained a Masters in Psychology from North Carolina State University , and a Doctorate in Psychology from Indiana Northern University .

After working as a psychologist at the University of North Carolina , in private industry and for the State of Illinois , his is now engaged in full time private practice.

He has lectured and written on the subject of Zoroastrianism, in India and the United States , both live and on radio and on television, and has made video courses on Zoroastrianism. He has studied the Gathas on his own for many years. Utilizing, at first, the translations of Kanga, Mills, and Taraporewala, he now relies primarily on Dr. Insler's translation.

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Mrs. Dina McIntyre

Dina G. McIntyre , is a Zoroastrian who was born in India and moved to the United States to attend college.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University (then Carnegie Institute of Technology), and a law degree ( Juris Doctor) from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law.
Dina has practiced law in the United States since 1964.  She has two sons who also are practicing lawyers.  Prior to her retirement she was a member of the bar of all federal and state courts in Pennsylvania, as well as the United States Supreme Court. 
She became interested in Zoroastrian theology in the early 80's and has studied the Gathas on her own since 1982. She relies primarily on Dr. Insler's translations which she enjoys comparing with the translation of Humbach, T.R. Sethna, Taraporewala, Moulton, Mills, Bode & Nanavutty, and Dinshaw Irani.
She has been a student of the teachings of Zarathushtra since the early 1980s, and was the Editor of a 12 lesson course on the Gathas called An Introduction to the Gathas of Zarathushtra, which she distributed world-wide in 1989-90.
She has lectured on the teachings of Zarathushtra at various conferences and seminars in the United States, Canada, England, India, Venezuela, and at the World Parliament of Religions in 1993.  Her writings on the teachings of Zarathushtra have appeared in various Zarathushti Journals and on the following websites:   and

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Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli

Jehan Bagli retired as Distinguished Research Fellow of Wyeth Pharmaceutical Research, and is currently a Research Consultant. Dr. Bagli was o r dained as a priest in Navsari through Navar and Murtab ceremonies. He was a fou nding member and President of Zoroastrian Association of Quebec (1968-70, 1974-76) editor of Gavashni a North American Zarathushti publication, for 16 years (1974-1990), and was also the founding editor of FEZANA iournal (1988-90).

He has lectured extens i vely on various religious topics at numerous conferences and symposia, including North, American Zoroastrian Congresses at Toronto, Chicago, California, Vancouver, and Philadelphia, World Zoroastrian congress at Houston 2000 and at various Anjumans and Zoroastrian Association in N. America. In 1992 and 2005 Dr. Bagli, on invitations from Zoroastrian Associations, has given lectures in Karachi, Mumbai, Calcutta, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth on Zoroastrian religion.

He has pubiished widely, on topics such as Duality, Zarathushti Rituals, the Calendar, Priesthood, Jashan, Navjote, Holy Spirit of Fire, Judaism and Universality, as they relate to Zarathushtrian Religion . He is the author/co-author of three books. "Religion of Asho Zarathusht and Influence through The Ages" (2003), co-author of "Understanding and Practice of Jashan Ceremony" (2001), and "Understanding and Practice of Obsequies" (2006). The manuscript for a book on "Understanding and Practice of Navjote and Wedding Ceremony" is awaiting publication.

He is committed to the cause of perpetuation of Zarathushtrian Faith as a Universal way of life in North America and around the World.

Jehan Bagli Ph . D. F.C.I.C.
Biopharmaceutical consultant
Past President, North American Mobeds Council
16, Dallimore circle, suite 703
Toronto, ON M3C 4C4
Ph: 647 344 3531
fax:647 344 3541

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