The Eternal Mother ….EARTH By Darayus Malegam

Look at the Mountains , look at the sea , look at the sky the birds and the trees their true beauty will you see when in them you see ME......

How true these words are ….Ahura Mazda (God )gave a planet which he blessed with the germination of various forms of life , some active like humans and others dormant like the mineral kingdom …….he gave man free will and a kingdom of un-adulterated beauty .

It was not long before man, the creation, began to consider himself the creator and this was the start of the disruption of Gods kingdom and sadly it was the misuse of the most potent weapon called choice that man was gifted with which caused disruption in gods kingdom …man fighting man , conquering and plundering . Man began to live in a lust for power , pride and position …his ego was his new god .

And as the blood of man shed the eternal mother of all …Mother Earth silently continued to do her work in total accordance with the mandate given to her by Ahura Mazda . She kept giving day and night , she nurtured the human race , she never complained as mankind divided her and tried to build boundaries of separateness as far as the eye could see . The more blood man shed the more did her rivers flow to clean the blood that was shed on her shores …Never once did the eternal mother grudge any of the creations that took birth from her womb , never did she deny a single soul food or water , never did she grudge a single person be it saint or sinner a part of her self . She simply loved and sustained everything from the serpent to man , from the birds to the bees , from the gold fish to the shark …never once did our eternal mother earth say no to anyone on the basis of identity …She accepted the universality in the germinations that would fructify at the appointed time and continues to do so without a grudge … Revolving and rotating , being abused and misused being divided and subdivided she continues to be the eternal mother to all ……..

There is a saying , there is nothing softer than a mothers lap , no rose as sweet as her kindness , no path so reliable as that imprinted by her footsteps and this saying my loved ones is most apt to our eternal mother.. mother earth .

So much can we learn from her silence

Be like mother earth and learn to Love Everyone and everything as your own .

God Bless You All .