By Darayus Malegam Patron, Association for Revival of Zoroastrianism (ARZ)


God created man in HIS Likeness and gave him the breath of life with one law to follow, the Law of compassion. The Law of compassion is a universal law for all of Mankind and in its simplest form it means do unto others as you would others do unto you. The simplest of Laws was soon lost in the dual existence of man.

The very same law which was meant for the sustenance of spirit through good thoughts, good words and good deeds was misused by the other side of man, namely his ego, the illusionary acceptance which rules man’s destiny and compels him to a mortal death.

Mans ego showed a path of judgment, a path where everything was put into compartments and judgment based on comparison and personal likes and dislikes. Good and bad, Right and wrong are but a few examples of the Testaments of the Ego the illusionary ‘I’ in whose presence man’s Vahu Manu or spirit or higher self is lost and forgotten.

The simple Law of compassion made man live a dual life, he did good out of expectation, he spoke good for praise, he was kind to others so that others would be kind to him but never was he good for the sake of goodness, kind for the sake of kindness. Man never accepted his true spiritual being as he was far too long mislead by his ego or his illusionary self which he so proudly calls “ I ” .

The path of ego is a finite path but sadly this finite path is based on infinite wants, the path of the ego is diametrically opposite to the path of the spirit, the path of Ashoi, the path of Righteousness, the path that leads the soul to its destination.

 In all this indulgence of ego, man has forgotten what it means to follow the right path …..To follow the right path man must first live in the right perception of who he really is for it is perception that leads to purpose and purpose leads to path. As long as Man perceives himself to be the illusionary “I” his purpose and path will be illusionary for a path that does not lead the true side of man to his true and ultimate destination can only be an illusion.

But for the man who has acknowledged the perception of his true self, his higher self or the “I AM” will always live in a perception embraced in divinity and truth, the perception when true leads to the true purpose of ones life namely to reach the God within and around and when the perception and the purpose are true then the path that leads the soul to its ultimate destination is the right path personified namely the Righteous Path or the path of Righteousness.

The one who embraces the true perception of spirit , the God within to be his true self then for him existence is transformed from an act of doing to a divine state of being , where every word spoken , every action every thought is a personification of God in whose likeness man was created . For such a man becomes compassion, such a man gives love because he knows it is priceless, such a man is compassionate not through expectations but through realization that the one before him is as much a divine soul as he is and therefore he speaks the language of divinity for My Loved ones, he who embraces Ahura Mazda within him embraces Ahura Mazda in all of creation.

Such a man is virtue because there is nothing but virtue, such a man does good because he knows no wrong, such a man walks the path because he knows that the path of righteousness is the only path that leads his soul to its destination.

So my Beloved Children of God remember …..

Righteousness is not an act, it is a state of acceptance, acceptance of the only right path, the path that leads your soul to its destination, it is the acceptance of the divinity within you, the divinity of the physical body gifted to you, the wheels of virtue which keep you on the path with the full awareness that there is only the path of righteousness that leads the soul to ones destination. The path of righteousness and he who walks this path is a Righteous Soul.

On this Joyous day let us all pledge

To be Righteous in the choice of perception

To be consistent on the path of Righteousness as this is the only path to follow

Let us be consistent in reminding our selves, whenever in doubt, with the words, “I am not what others make of me, I am that what He made me”

May the path of Righteousness, the path of Ashoi , be the only path we follow. UshTa Te!