Universality By Darayas Malegam

Good morning one and all . It is so privileged to be with all you lovely people today , people who are like minded and true to the faith they profess .

A lot has been said about the ARZ , many are not sure what ARZ is actually doing …well as the name states Association for the Revival of Zoroastrianism ……The word “ revival “ got me thinking as to what aspect of this beautiful religion is ARZ trying to revive ….I kept asking myself what aspect of our religion is in need of revival and each time I asked this question the answer was the same – The dying part of this great religion is the Universality with which and for which it was created and gradually spread throughout the world .

Well my friends , allow me to share my thoughts on what Universality means .In context to our religion Universality my loved ones is the unconditional acceptance of the singular truth which is as stated in our Avesta Ahunem Vairim tanum paiti --- There exists nothing but HIM and HIM alone . This is the universal law that applies to all of creation , a law which teaches us the unbiased love with which God created everything , from the stone to man , a law which god sent man in the form of a doctrine through his spiritual son Zarathushtra , a divine law so simple yet so diverse but universal.

It is with the diversity of this universality that our great religion came into being ..a becon to lead the wandering human back home .

The law of universality which embraced all of mankind the rich and the poor , the dark and the fair , the saint and the sinner all in an embrace of love and equality …… A lonely man once asked God …what am I I ask myself for myself I cannot see…….and the heavens’ answered…look at the mountains look at the sea …look at the sky the birds and the bees , in them true beauty shall you see , when in them you see ME……Ahunem Vairim Tanum Paiti …There exists nothing but HIM .

But man instead of acknowledging the universal divinity within himself through realization chose to crown himself master for the sake of pride power and position ……The Universal Law of oneness was replaced with mans doctrine of divide and rule ………love was replaced with hate ….humility with a thirst for power ---man in his quest for power dissected into pieces the very same creation that our God had created in oneness ……..Mans thirst for possession did not end with material want but extended into possession of religion for the sake of his own ego and desires . Unable to spread the true essence of his religion man installed fear through ignorance , divided and sub divided the community on the basis of purity and richness . A religion made to unite man with the greater divine within him was manipulated to the extent of playing with the minds of the followers . The doctrine of Universality was reduced by man to organized biasedness and discrimination and sadly the keepers of Zoroastrianism excelled in this .

From the Law of Oneness we have created a new system based on superiority . Is this what our prophet preached ? Today we shun people from other religions even while all other religions accept us …is this our greatness ? Have we not forgotten about the downfall of our empire ? Our downfall was not because some King ate meat , it was not because the armies of Alexander were better than ours , we fell because the leaders of that time were blinded by the veils of ego,

and pride .and sadly the leaders of today have by choice remained blind by the same veils of ego pride , power and position .

Zoroastrians were defeated , they were thrown out from their own home land , they were given refuge in a Hindu Kingdom by a Hindu King yet today we look down on other religions , we throw out our women who marry outside the community why ? Are their wombs not sacred ? Does the ability to love lessen by embracing someone from another religion ? We have people shouting about how the vibrations in an agiyari are destroyed with the mere glance of a non Zoroastrian …is the power of our prayers so weak ?

My Loved ones what is this if not divide and rule ? Where is the universality acceptance love and tolerance that God shows us all ? Why do we as a community continue to lock ourselves in the narrow confines of ignorance ..why are we afraid to choose ? Is God really so merciless that HE who has Created creations from just one word will throw into hell is own child for having followed his own teachings ? Wake up my Loved Ones WAKE UP !..... God is universal , God is love …god does not throw you into hell for marrying outside your community ….God does not issue passes to cross the chinvat pool only to those who chose the Dokhma and condem to hell all those who choose alternate means of disposal …..Is this what Love , Our God and his religion is all about ? Definitely NO !

It is this fear and sleep that ARZ wants all of us to come out off .

A bee extracts honey from a flower without destroying the colour or fragnance of the flower …..The rose comes with the stem and the thorns …yet are in harmony ……when Love is the very essence of man why does man work so hard to fight it ? Remember that through lifes long journey no matter what never hurt a human heart .

Embracing Universality comes about from understanding acceptance ….and my loved ones acceptance is the ability to recognize something for what it is and not what you hope it to be ….YOU must recognize yourself for what you truly are and not what others make you to BE . Remember Ahunem Vairim Tanum Paiti …HE who is in you is everywhere and when there is only HIM everything else is an illusion .

Where there is acceptance there is oneness and where there is oneness there is Universality and this is the message and Mandate of the ARZ …the message to all to awaken , a reminder of the power of choice . a reminder that choice itself is the lock and the power to choose the key ….So choose freedom over bondage , choose oneness over seperation , replace reason with understanding and acceptance will come about .

Zoroastrianism is for all of mankind simply because in the true spiritual essence there is no you and me but only HIM .

I shall now end with a small prayer to the one we call Ahura Mazda

Dear God , WE are seated here again amidst thy love and care

Grant us the sight and wisdom to see you everywhere

Take away the fog Oh God and mist through which we cannot see

And grant us the sight of inner clarity . And with this sight may we find the path that lies ahead .

Keep us safe throughout this journey as we take it by your will

Taking you as every step as we move uphill

And no matter how hard or steep shall be the climb

We shall carry on in Your Name ..Till the end of time .

Thank You for your patient listening

God Bless You All