Primal pronouncements in the HOLY GATHAS

  1. There is only one God, Ahura Mazda, who is the creator and sustainer of all, and that Ahura Mazda never fails.

  2. The human race has been blessed with freedom of choice, thought, word, and action, and has an intelligent mind to distinguish between the Good and the Bad.

  3. If a man chooses incorrectly, he himself would be responsible for the consequences thereof.

  4. What is good can be understood by studying and harmonizing with nature, and promoting the environment of our world.

  5. Mankind can develop all the divine faculties and become the maintainer and promoter of the environment and become spiritually perfect and eternally divine.

  6. Each individual should acquire and promote wisdom, so that the human society could become an intellectual society consisting of selfless humans with total devotion.

  7. All human beings are equal. No person is superior over the other. Superiority lies in righteous deeds alone.

  8. Man and Woman are equal and have the same rights.

  9. Human society must progress. Each individual should try to make this world a better place through his thoughts, words, and deeds.

  10. Wisdom, enlightenment and joy come to those who distribute wisdom and joy without discrimination.

  11. The minutest unit in the human society is the family, and the largest is the entire humankind. Unconditional love and wisdom binds all and brings happiness.

  12. Mankind should endeavor to select only righteous persons as their spiritual leaders.

  13. Each person should work for the betterment of self, family and the entire mankind by following the Good mind, Good conscience, and the Good religion.

  14. All superstitions, unsound ideas, and irrational practices, should be abandoned.

  15. The Good Zarthushti religion is universal, and for all mankind.

  16. Prayers help us to experience Ahura Mazda’s divine love. These are mankind’s communications with Ahura Mazda.

  17. Spenta Mainyu is the progressive mentality that promotes Asha, ie.righteousness.And Vohu manah is the wisdom behind every righteous move. A person with a progressive mentality working on the path of righteousness is bound to possess wisdom.

  18. Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds form the core of the Good Zarathushti faith.